Entreprise :

International organization based in Geneva.

Description du poste :

* Reviews incoming documents for translation and communicates with clients to confirm project scope and target languages, ensuring clarity and readiness for translation.
* Manages the roster of external translators, including task assignment, quotation reception, system supplier creation, and maintenance of contact details and availability schedules.
* Prepares documents for translation by converting text from various file formats into Word format, determining word counts, and processing pre-translation tasks.
* Supervises the workflow of translation requests, distributing projects among in-house translators and external contractors proficient in multiple languages, while confirming availability and meeting deadlines.
* Engages in discussions with clients to finalize project timelines.
* Coordinates document versions for large projects requiring frequent updates.
* Maintains CAT tools and systems to enhance translation speed, accuracy, and consistency.
* Offers technical assistance to translators regarding CAT tools and serves as an intermediary between the team and technical support provided by CAT tool software providers.
* Oversees purchase orders (POs) and budgetary matters, handling quotation processing and invoice management.
* Develops standard operating procedures (SOPs) for coordination tasks involving external translators and internal staff, and ensures existing SOPs and guidelines remain up to date.

Description du profil :

* Minimum three years' full-time experience as a translation project manager
* Experience providing client service in a fast-paced environment
* Expert knowledge of computer-assisted translation technologies at project management level; solid knowledge of MemoQ
* Client oriented with a creative problem-solving approach
* Experience in a high volume, fast-paced environment requiring coordination with a large number of stakeholders
* Proven ability to work in a multi-cultural environment