In a world that is increasingly dense and urban, we are all seeking spaces where we can relax and reconnect with nature. These getaways are our own personal paradises, and it is this kind of paradise that landscape architect Erik Dhont seeks to design. Whether they are designed for private residences, commercial sites, or public spaces, his landscaping projects explore the countless ways in which we, as humans, can redesign nature. A «cultivated» nature, more or less wild, according to our tastes and needs.

Over the past 20 years, Erik Dhont and his team have completed a wide range of projects, both private and public, and collaborated with leading architects and designers. Their portfolio includes iconic creations such as Ringenhof in Lier, the La Gara estate in Geneva, a sculpture garden in Malibu, and many other horizons... But the focus is also on socially
valuable projects such as Reine-Verte Park in Brussels, the landscape of the Siesegem crematorium in Aalst, or the Gasthuisberg University Hospital campus in Leuven. In 2014, the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels dedicated an exhibition to Erik Dhont-s plaster conceptual models, and a monograph on his recent achievements was published in 2021.

To strengthen his multidisciplinary team in Brussels and Geneva, composed of landscape architects and architects, two positions of landscape architect/architect are available,  **one in Brussels and one in Geneva**. 

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